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updated: Feb 02, 2007, 10:20 am)

I'll also be submitting a proposal to USENIX, to teach a serial tutorial at LISA this winter. I won't know if that's been accepted until late summer, so check back here often. (If you want to attend such a course a LISA, email the tutorial coordinators and let them hear from you.)

In addition to the tutorials and presentations listed below, I'm also a co-author of Mastering Network Management, (ISBN: 1880548135, November 1995, Numidia Press).

I have created short-course training and tutorials for more than a dozen clients, as well as updating the basic curriculum for the University of California at Santa Cruz Extension "Computer Science Network Management", where I was also one of the top-ten instructors (based on student feedback to the University). Some of these presentations are being made available for downlad on this server. All the files are copyright David K. Z. Harris, and all rights are reserved.

Consoles.101.PPT - Created for presentation to the Society of Cable Televion Engineers (SCTE) Golden Gate chapter, with a focus on the needs of the cable industry in 2000 (a slightly different focus than for System and Network Administrators). This was created while I was the Broadband Architect at Certainty Solutions, Inc., but was never scheduled for presentation.

login-story.html - Published in the USENIX journal ;login:, in October 2000, and that issue was available for free to any attendees that were present at the LISA 2000 conference. (login-story.txt is the initial outline for the article submission to USENIX, if you care to see the difference.)

A Full-Day Tutorial, in two sections, designed for the USENIX  LISA 2000 (Large Installation Systems Administration) conference in December 2000.

Two Half-Day Tutorials, designed for the USENIX  LISA 2002 conference in November 2002

I'm also considering whether to try to present another tutorial at LISA in 2005, or if it might be better to present a hands-on workshop on a serial console / Conserver / debugging topic instead. (If you have any feelings one way or another, please drop me an email to Consoles at and tell me which you would prefer, class or workshop.)

BayLISA-consoles.ppt - This is a basic overview ("fast and low") on the topics of remote access to serial consoles, using a logging server (like Conserver) and the benefits that you get, and discussing the state of security for the remote sessions, for the BayLISA (the Bay Area Large Installation Systems Administration group) in January 2003.

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